Paper Presentation

Northwest Normal University, China (June 4-8, 2020)

In recent years, in addition to self-reporting questionnaires, thinking aloud, and systematic learning recordings, using eye trackers to understand the learning process is a more objective research technique. Therefore, this workshop will invite Professor Tao to introduce how to use eye tracker in personalized and cooperative learning.


Dr. Shu-Yuan Tao is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Technology in Takming University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Her research interests include computer-supported collaborative learning and digital game-based learning. And, she designs, builds, and studies ways for computer supported learning to enhance engagement in various fields. Other interests include utilizing the eye tracking technology to uncover learning behavioral pattern.

Speech Topic: Uncover more CSCL/PL behavior through Eye tracking Technology and Analysis


Collaboration is a reciprocal process involving coordinated and synchronous activity when a group of individuals continuously attempt to construct a shared understanding of a task. Therefore, joint attention through which collaborating partners to build plays a crucial role in collaborative learning. Moreover, CSCL/PL allows learners learn together/alone with the help of computers. In order to fully capture human-computer interaction, peer interaction, and joint attention in a computer-supported collaborative/personal learning environment, two empirical experiments would be conducted via eye-tracking technology to collect participants’ visual behaviors in the learning platform. The finding are to uncover the AOI pattern of joint attention which according to the analysis of eye movement measures.